Skin That Is Anything But Ordinary

In medical school, there are a lot of things you don’t know. One thing that I do know for sure is that it takes a little bit of extra attention to maintain self-grooming…


My sister is pretty much my personal product connect. She always seems to know what is new and next with cute clothes, quirky accessories, and simple¬†cosmetics. I can’t help but search everything she sends me. Not only is it a welcome distraction from the books, but it is a learning experience in its own. Thanks, sis!

Anyway, she put me on to The Ordinary by Deciem a couple of months ago. Of course, I convinced myself that I was too busy to start a new product. But, after I found myself clicking around, I figured I should just give it a shot.

I don’t share in my sister’s amazingly clear and smooth skin. It is not one of my naturally gifted attributes, and I am almost always looking for ways to keep myself dark-spot and bump-free. For me, stress is a huge contributor to any break out bump, and being in medical school isn’t exactly the most relaxing walk in the park. In addition to other healthy practices, finding the right products helps me avoid being in shambles. Since I am also no skilled makeup artist (more on that later), I greatly prefer simple products with minimal steps.


I am a sucker for clean lines and sleek design. This is so incredibly appealing to me. I mean, come on, neutrals! But theres more than nice packaging here.

The company prides itself on integrity and sensible pricing (the products above are only $9, $8, and $6!). This is pretty great for those of us on a med–student budget, and overall a respectable company philosophy. With these prices, trying a product or two is pretty low risk.


In the past, using daily moisturizers and targeted products has resulted in breakouts, greasy or sweating looks, or drying around my most sensitive areas. Thus far, I haven’t had any problems with these products. I’m most excited for their makeup line, Colours. The waitlist is astronomically long (last month there were 250,000 orders for the new line!), so I’m sure I will be waiting a while. I guess people are catching on as I am.

I’m giving The Ordinary a try as a part of my daily routine, for now. I will update with any new discoveries, or no-no’s, as I continue to explore their options. If you’re curious, give them a shot!

Oh, and of course, as suggested on all of their products wear sunscreen regularly! Yes, even if your skin is darker. We need it, guys.