Hey, chill.

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It’s summer.

My first year of medical school has been OVER, and I have been on a glorious hiatus.

But as many medical students know, breaks are not really for relaxing, right? We’re supposed to be jamming our free time with research, studying, shadowing, volunteering, studying, reading journals, prepping for the next year, studying etc. Right?!

On the quest to do everything right, just like everyone else, I took on multiple research projects, created a study prep schedule, and set up a multitude of meetings with faculty. For the most part, I would like to think I did a decent job of accomplishing most of what I wanted to do, academically. I did my best. As soon as I turned in my final exam of MS-1 and hopped in my car to head home, I couldn’t help but feel like I was on true vacation mode. I wanted to travel as much as possible, laze around at any given moment, and eat all of the good foods I could get my hands on. This was my last summer vacation in all of life, after all! Why was I feeling this tension between my expectations and desires?


If there is anything I truly learned this summer, it was that sometimes you really have to just chill. I have two full weeks left before the abrupt start of MS-2, arguably the hardest academic year of medical school. And while there is still so much to get done, I will be sure to make room for the most important things: family, friends, food, and love. Summer weather wanes quickly in the midwest. And so too does the time we have to soak in the ability to sleep late, drink adult beverages any day, and just waste time. Time waits for no one– especially not the medical student. So while we are using these last opportunities to squeeze in some of the work we wish we had more time for, and pushing down the nerves of starting up classes again, I urge that we try to be a bit selfish with our free time for just the little bit of time we have left.

Im going to travel a little bit more, procrastinate a little bit longer, and laugh with more freedom for the couple of days I have.

Sweet, sweet summer. I am going to miss you. But I used your time well, and enjoyed you. For the last one off ever, not too shabby.


No-Sugar Berry Popsicles

  • Servings: 4 popsicles
  • Print


  • your choice of fresh berries, one package each


  1. RinseĀ berries.
  2. Blend one of the fruit varieties in your favorite blender
  3. Divide and pour into popsicles molds
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the remaining fruits.
  5. Freeze and enjoy!



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